About Us

Ethical, organic vegan activist t-shirts and clothing designed and printed in Bristol, UK.

100% of profits go to animal rights campaigns, animal rescue, and the sharing of liberating knowledge.

We are a Vegan couple who love living in Bristol, UK. We make time for animal rights activism. This store is a combination of our ‘previous-life’ experience running a niche clothing business, a passion for justice and the sharing of liberating knowledge. And getting pumped just from being Vegan has a lot to do with it too!

Ethical Activism Clothing

We only use ‘Stanley/Stella‘ garments, whose entire range uses 100% organic cotton and is ethically produced, which sets them apart from other suppliers. The clothes certifiably sustainable and produced in fair working conditions. See their own website for further details.

What kind of Vegans are we?

We aim to be the only kind. The kind kind. Compassion is our guiding principle because we see it as the only pillar of Veganism and the root of all liberation. We appreciate all forms of efforts towards animal liberation in our leaderless movement whose power lies in its common goal, its diversity and its responsive and adaptive evolution.

Why animal liberation comes first.

Humans not eating animals is surely a prerequisite for anyone who is fighting for any other kind of justice.