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Everyday Activism is a non profit created and run by Fiaz & Jacqui, who also own The Base Vegan Retreat & Animal Sanctuary.  Recently we have been focusing on the ‘Free The MBR Beagles‘ pressure campaign and have been regularly staying at Camp Beagle.

We do not take a wage from Everyday Activism and we almost entirely fund the free outreach products and postage with our income from The Base Retreat.  For the Free The MBR Beagles campaign alone we have spent around £2,000 to date on leaflets, stickers and postage, with around £200 of donations received so far from the website.

Donations go directly towards the cost of more free leaflets, stickers, cards, banners, placards etc and also to fund the feed and care of the rescued animals at The Base Retreat’s animal sanctuary.

Committed to transparency.

Watch this space for a link to our bank account transactions showing all monies in and out with a description of each transaction.

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  2. Nelly Hoare

    Outreaching and making others aware of the plight of these innocent beagles at the horrid facilities known as MBR Acres. This is the only way through knowledge and positive actions that will end these barbaric practices.

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